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Q-Tee II C (Wood Stove)

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The Q-Tee II C has rounded sides, a curved glass door and a cabinet-style that makes opening and closing the firebox a breeze. It also stands out with its superior environmental performance of .9/gph emissions.


  • Easy-to-open cabinet-style door
  • Handle options: stainless steel (classic), black leather, or brown leather
  • Small and large storage boxes, that are modular, can be added for additional seating
  • Large fire box accepts a 17″ piece of wood
  • Leg options include 4.9″ and 6.5″ if using additional hearth protection with R value of 3.19
  • The door is available as a steel frame, or it can be enhanced with an extra piece of glass on the outer surface so the whole door appears to be glass
  • Base comes standard with full cover plate or can also be taken out for use as a full-open wood storage area.
  • Lower the full height of the stove with the lower base option
  • The outside-air adapter system is not required, but is also an option if your home has an airtight construction